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Ophrys funditorum

The Pseudophrys of the Balearics have long been a source of disagreement among orchid authorities to the extent that there is even differing opinion as to which taxons are actually present on the islands. As contentious is the parentage and status of hybrid populations. The exceptions to this taxonomic uncertainty are O. fabrella and O. bilunulata, both of which are "relatively"distinct species, though not immune to occasional gene sharing.

Ophrys funditorum is not yet a fully described, published species and accordingly the name should be suffixed nomen nudum to indicate it is a purely provisional name which may or may not be accepted in the future. It is however the name currently applied to the species thought to be the stabilized offspring of hybridization between members of the O. fusca and O. omegaifera groups. The exact identity of these species depends on which taxons you accept to be present (or were once present) on the islands. O. fusca sl candidates would be O. fusca itself, O. lupercalis and O. arnoldii. On the O. omegaifera side the obvious candidate would be O. dyris but it has been suggested that O. vasconica (itself of hybrid origin) could be the more likely culprit.

O. funditorum is variable in lip shape and can resemble either of its progenitors but unlike O. dyris, always possesses a V shaped basal area with a shallow groove that can extend to but not split the omega at the bottom of the speculum. As the following pictures demonstrate however, Pseudophrys plants displaying a variety of characteristics can be found all over the island and categorizing them is extremely difficult. The first ten photographs here are presented as O. funditorum but due to the current state of scientific research, it is impossible for the authors to guarantee them to be correctly identified.

The following photographs depict Mallorcan plants morphologically corresponding to
O. dyris. IE:- minimal V at base and no discernible groove.

The following photographs depict Mallorcan plants demonstrating morphological characteristics that correspond to both O. vasconica and the O. dyris x O. fusca SL hybrid, O x brigittae.  IE:- wider V at base, a short, shallow basal groove, vivid speculum with a clearly defined, bold omega at its tip.

The following photographs depict plants whose morphological characteristics correspond with O. arnoldii.