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Ophrys corbariensis

corbariensis was first described by Samuel and Lewin from Aude (France) 2003 and takes its name from the Corbieres region of France which is the heart of its limited distribution. 

This is a rare member of the small O. scolopax group with a highly localised range taking it from central and northern Spain, through the Pyrenees into southern France and possibly as far east as Liguria in Italy. It is however at its most frequent in the Corbieres region of France to the north of the Pyrenees. Although O. corbariensis often grows in close company with similar species, it's not particularly difficult to identify, though some populations have suffered genetic interference from O. scolopax and consequently exhibit intermediate characteristics.

If however we concentrate on type, there are several features which distinguish this species from the closely related O. scolopax. 1. It's a significantly larger flower and shares similar proportions (and overall appearance) to the eastern Mediterranean species O. heldreichii. 2. Although somewhat variable, the lip has a "fuller" figure and indeed the plant itself is more robust. 3. The flowers are held at an acute angle to the stem and as can be seen from photographs 3 and 4, this can be almost horizontal. In O. scolopax the angle is much less sharp and usually perpendicular. 5. The stigmatic cavity and basal field are concolourous and normally a bright orange that contrasts with the lip.    

The illustrations all come from Corbieres and Cevenne dating from the second and third weeks of May at which time they were just starting to bloom.